Benefits of a Couples Retreat

Our unique Couples Retreat offers a learning opportunity to re-discover yourself and your loved one on a much deeper, more vulnerable scale. Unlike other retreats, ours doesn’t require hundreds of dollars and an expensive location, all you need is a few days dedicated to each other, in the surrounds of somewhere new. Our package takes out most of the hard-planning and caters for a luxurious escape away from ‘regular life’. Whether you’re newly together or on the brink of separation, our couples retreat will benefit all levels of relationships. 

Couples Retreats have been proven to restore faith and emotional connections within each other and can encourage a deeper understanding of what your relationship means. You and your partner will able to focus on each other without the distractions of cooking dinner or tending to the kids. You’ll be able to relax and forget about the everyday stresses that may be affecting your relationship. These benefits are not only exclusive to your relationship but also to your overall well being; you’re leaving behind the stresses and anxieties for a few days in order to build a better you, for a better relationship.

Our Couples Retreat includes a Workbook that is designed to improve communication and encourage team bonding through challenges, quizzes and games. Our Couples Retreat will allow you to engage in activities that can help you work together and discover new sides of each other that may have been taken for granted at home. The workbook involves fun activities and Date Night ideas to make your escape that much more exciting. Our ‘talk back topics’ are bound to make for some interesting conversation and open doors to talk about anything, nothing and everything in-between. With our Workbook, you’ll be given a guide to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, in order to renew yourself as a unit. We’ve also included a complimentary ‘take home guide’ to manage your couple goals and to track your progress for when after the retreat has finished. We hope you will come away from this unique experience with a positive attitude and make plans to take new behaviours back into your world. 

And always remember, it is not lack of love for why relationships don’t work, but lack of friendship.