Road Trip

Welcome to your sweet escape – Road Trip

Our Road Trip package includes the basic essentials for a quick weekend escape without the bells and whistles. In this package is everything needed for a straight forward getaway, just supply the beers and you’re good to go.

The Road Trip package is INCLUDED in every hire

Linen + Blanket + 2 pillow
2 towels
Basic kitchen-pantryBasic cleaning supplies
Kitchen towel Gas cooker + fuel canister
First aid kit + lighter2 camp chairs
25litre EskyPortable solar-bag shower
Portable chemical toilet*Indoor / outdoor fold table
DVD player + DVDsPlaying cards & reading books
Tea and coffeeKettle

Whether you’re travelling with a companion or your best friend, no doubt you’ll make the best memories in The Sweet Escape. The Year of the road trip awaits you!

IMPORTANT: The Porta-toilet is STRICTLY for emergency use only (we’re talking explosive diarreah and there’s absolutely no place to dig a hole). If this is the case then please ensure the chemicals are used properly, all waste is emptied appropriately and the toilet is thoroughly cleaned upon return. Guests will ensue a $100 cleaning fee if the Porta-toilet is returned used and unclean.